How much does it cost to renew your Business License in Clark County?

The $25.00 license fee is renewable annually. For a change of address, complete the Application for Change of Address for TNC Drivers and mail the completed form with a check or money order in the amount of $25.00.

How much does a Clark County business license cost?

Once completed, mail your application form with a one-time $45.00 application fee and corresponding business fee. 500 S.

How much does it cost to renew business license in Nevada?

License Renewals

Whether you have a license or a permit, it needs to be renewed annually. The Nevada business licence renewal fee is $500 annually for Corporations. The fee is $200 for other types of business entities including a Limited Liability Company.

How do I renew my business license in Las Vegas?

To renew your State Business License, go to the SilverFlume home page at and select Manage Your Business > File Annual List and/or Renew State Business License. Questions? Call the Secretary of State’s Office at (775) 684-5708 or email

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How much is a Nevada business license?

The State Business License Fee is $500 for Corporations, and $200 for all other business types. The State Business License must be renewed annually. For entities that are formed under NRS Title 7, the business license fee is due at the time an Initial List of Officers or Annual List of Officers is due.

How much is a business license in California?

Business licenses are administered by cities in California, so prices vary from place to place. Typically, business licenses cost between $50 and $100.

How much is a LLC in Las Vegas?

It costs $425 to form an LLC in Nevada. Filing the Articles of Organization costs $75. The state business license costs $200, and the list of managers and members costs $150. Your LLC is not official and open for business until you complete the filings and pay the required fees.

How much does it cost to renew an LLC in Nevada?

Nevada Business License Renewal Fee: $200

Nevada requires LLCs to renew their state business license each year. This can be done online. The fee is $200, and there is a $100 late fee.

How do I renew my expired business license in Nevada?

You may renew your business at If you business is too far in arrears, you must call the Secretary of State’s Office at (775) 684-5708 or email This FAQ is posted at SilverFlume Nevada’s Business Portal at

How often do I need to renew my business license in Nevada?

Nevada state business licenses must be renewed each year. This can be done online through the SilverFlume website or by submitting a hard copy of the Annual or Amended List and State Business License Application by mail. You do not need to renew your Nevada sales tax permit.

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How much is a business license in Las Vegas?

Most businesses will require a fee of $150.00 ($100 license fee, plus $50 for processing). For assistance in determining the specific amount of fees for your business, contact the City of Las Vegas Business Licensing Division at (702) 229-6281.

How much is a business license in Henderson NV?

You can expect to pay between $25.00 for those businesses making more than zero dollars and less than $12,000.00 and up to $670.00 for a business with a revenue of more than $1,140,001.00 but less than $1,2000,001.00.

How do I renew my LLC?

LLC Renewal: Everything You Need to Know. Updated July 15, 2020: LLC renewal must be completed by filing an annual report to keep a Limited Liability Company (LLC) inactive status with the Secretary of State within the state that the business operates.

Do I need a Clark County business license?

Any person who wishes to operate a business in Unincorporated Clark County is required by Clark County Code to obtain a business license. … You may also apply for a general license online.

How long does a Nevada business license last?

Generally, Nevada businesses that conduct business in the state must obtain a state business license from the Nevada Secretary of State, which must be renewed every year. It costs $200 to renew your license and to obtain a new one.

How do I get a business license in Clark County Nevada?

Please visit the Secretary of State’s website for more information. You may apply and register online at You can now register online by visiting the Nevada Department of Taxation website or apply at together with your entity and state license filing.

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