Can you do business as a different name than your LLC?

If you want your LLC to conduct business under a name other than the official LLC name, you must register the new name as a DBA in most states. Some states have statewide DBA registration, while in others, you must register a DBA with your local city or county. A few states don’t require DBA registration.

Does your business name have to match your LLC?

Unlike other business structures, the business legal name for LLCs and corporations does not have to include any of the owners’ names to be the business name. However, some states require LLCs and corporations to include “LLC” or “Corporation” in their legal name (e.g., Rockwell Technology LLC).

Can my business name be different from my LLC?

Can Two LLCs or Companies Have the Same Name? Yes, with some exceptions. When you’re forming a corporation or an LLC in a state, the name must be unique to your business within that state. Others can form LLCs and businesses in other states that have the same name as yours.

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Can I run multiple businesses under one LLC?

Yes, you can have multiple businesses under one LLC, but there are other options to consider depending on your business scenario. Whether you are expanding your business, restructuring, or perhaps taking on an entirely different segment or focus area, there are different ways to structure your LLC.

Can a DBA and LLC have the same name?

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable for someone to register an entity (be it an LLC, LLP, or corporation) with the same name as your DBA. Actually, it’s probably not the same name as your DBA, even though you contend that it is.

Does it matter what I name my LLC?

California. You will need an original name for your LLC that is not used by another LLC in California.

What is better LLC or sole proprietorship?

A sole proprietorship is useful for small scale, low-profit and low-risk businesses. A sole proprietorship doesn’t protect your personal assets. An LLC is the best choice for most small business owners because LLCs can protect your personal assets.

Is it better to have multiple LLC or DBA?

Most business owners who do this file a DBA (Doing Business As) to operate another business under a different name from their LLC name. … Having multiple LLCs for different businesses is always a better choice as it will help you separate the debts and liabilities of each business.

Can a business have two names?

Yes, it is possible for an LLC to operate under more than one DBA at a time. DBAs allow an LLC to use more than one business name without having to form multiple, separate legal entities. … Keep in mind that a DBA is not a legal entity, it is just a name the LLC uses to do business under.

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Do you need a different EIN for each business?

Each one will require a separate, unique EIN. You cannot use the same EIN for multiple businesses, even if they are owned by the same person. EINs are not limited, so you may apply for as many as you need.

Do I need an EIN for my LLC?

An LLC will need an EIN if it has any employees or if it will be required to file any of the excise tax forms listed below. Most new single-member LLCs classified as disregarded entities will need to obtain an EIN. … It should use the name and TIN of the single member owner for federal tax purposes.

Can I start a business under someone elses name?

There is no legal restriction upon operating a business using a pseudonym, however legal documents and legal relationships will bear your legal name.

Can someone open a business in your name?

So, yes, someone can form a new entity using your name and address.