How do I renew my business permit?

How do I renew my business permit online?

Apply Online[edit]

  1. Visit E-citizen to make the online application. In case you are applying from Nairobi visit the Nairobi County :Self Service Portal.
  2. Scroll down to the “County Services” section and select the county which applies to your case e.g. …
  3. Make Online Application.

How do I renew an expired business permit?


  1. Go to the barangay your business is registered. Bring a copy of the previous year’s barangay permit and the official receipt as proof of payment. …
  2. Submit requirements 1-4 above to the officer in charge and wait for the assessment. The barangay officer will then let you know how much you need to pay.

How much does it cost to renew business permit?

Fee: This varies according to the scope of your business: Barangay = P200; City or Municipality = P500; Regional = P1,000; and.

How do I renew my 2021 business permit?

What you need to bring:

  1. New Barangay Permit (Current Year)
  2. Last Year’s Original Mayor’s Permit.
  3. Last Year’s Original Official Receipt.
  4. Last Year’s Income Statement (audited or unaudited)
  5. Last Year’s Contract of Lease.
  6. Local Insurance (either from City Hall or Private Insurance Company)
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Does business permit expire?

Renewing your business permit must be done between January 1 and January 20 of every year. A business permit in the Philippines usually expires on December 31st of each year. Since the entire process of renewing your business permit may take several days, it’s best to start as early as possible.

Is business permit renewal every year?

The deadline for the annual renewal of the business permit is usually on the 20th of January of every year and the required documents are the barangay clearance, mayor’s permit, and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) certificate of registration.

What will happen if I dont renew my business permit?

Regardless, failing to obtain or renew a business license can be a costly mistake, resulting in significant penalties, such as fines, lawsuits and in extreme cases, even arrest.

How do I renew my BIR registration 2021?

BIR Certificate of Registration Renewal (Form 2303)

  1. Download and Install eBIRForms Package.
  2. Fill out the Profile.
  3. Use Form 0605 to Pay Annual Registration Fee. Search for form 0605 in the list of BIR forms section and then click fill-out. …
  4. Print BIR Email Confirmation. …
  5. Final Thoughts.

How much does a business permit cost in the Philippines?

Fee: Fees vary according to the scope of your business: barangay, P200; city or municipality, P500; regional, P1,000; and national, P2,000. Renewal deadline: The DTI BN registration certificate is valid up to five years from date of registration.

Is sari-sari store need business permit?

Make it legal. A sari-sari store is a micro-enterprise but that does not mean you do not need a business permit to operate it. You also need to talk to your utility providers because the charge for business and residential areas are different and having a store does not fall under residential.

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How long does business permit take?

A business permit is usually obtained at the City or Municipal Hall’s Business Permit and Licensing Office, and the entire process takes around one to two weeks. Along with the permit, you will get a business plate and sticker, which need to be prominently displayed at your company’s premises.

How much does a business permit cost for sari-sari store?

Tip 1: Get a Business Permit.

You might be asking as to how many business permits for the sari-sari store in the Philippines? Well, it depends on your business location. The processing fee might be 200 pesos for Barangay, 500 pesos for City and Municipality, 1,000 for Regional, and 2,000 pesos for National.

How do I apply for a business permit?

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO) in the city/municipality town hall where your business is located.
  2. Fill out the application form.
  3. Submit the application form and the initial requirements.
  4. An assessor will assess your application for tax and fees.
  5. Pay the necessary taxes and fees.