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Podcasting is something, I am more passionate……….




My Name is Shashank Kamath and I am happy to announce the success of my blog in the first year of its launch.

November 2, 2015 has been a milestone in my life. I am always passionate to express my views and this became a reality with this blog. This wasn’t my first venture into blogging but this blog is my most successful venture ever tried. Started blogging as a passion, today it has made me an online entrepreneur!!!!!!!!!


To commemorate the success of the blog, I have decided to launch my first podcast on this blog. While this isn’t the first podcast in any respect so I have termed it as the Zeroth Podcast. It is a 3 min audio which speaks about my future plans in podcasting on this blog.


The Zeroth Podcast



Show Notes


The new logo for the podcast

Inspiration - Podcast

Logo for the Podcast — Credits to my sweet sister


I sound bad on the podcast but I am working on improving my skills on speaking in front of the mic.


This podcast will concentrate on how people get inspired and inspire others too in their lives.


The Cover Song (Credits to Mr. Sanjit Charkaboraty) played using acoustic guitar in the podcast: – Lag Ja Gale Se —- Woh Kaun Thi


Thank You

Shashank Kamath

Shashank Kamath




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