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This post isn’t a conventional post like usual ones I post on this blog. Mostly I speak about businesses; today I am here to tell you about my new venture: – Podcasting.


Come November 2, 2016; it has been one year since I have purchased this domain name to start my first self-hosted site (I have previously tried blogging on platforms like Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, hpage, etc.…. Don’t try searching for the same — All of them were unsuccessful, I have pulled the plug years back) titled http://awordtotheworld.com. Being a milestone day in my life and to commemorate the same, I have decided to launch my new venture on that day.


Podcasting is something that brought me to blogging. My father (my greatest inspiration) always advises me “Hasten Slowly”.  Following his guidelines, I have been working on my speaking skills. On 6th October, 2016, I had attended the Model United Nations in the committee World Health Organization at Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences (Bangalore), which gave me the necessary boost to instil a new confidence that I can still improve on my speaking which can be through podcasting.


I hope you to look forward to visit my blog on November 2, 2016, to encourage me in my new venture.





Shashank Kamath

Blog: – http://awordtotheworld.com

(Engineer By Profession, Blogger By Choice)

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