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On the 16th of May, I completed my work half an hour prior to my planned schedule. Signing off should have been my first choice. Rather, I went up to my bag, pulled “The Polyster Prince” book and sat in the drawing room. Just to get a glimpse of the news, at 10:30 PM I turned on the TV, thinking that after the brush-up of headlines and markets set for tomorrow, I would resume reading the book. At 10:30 PM, the Indian National Congress decides to approach the Chief Justice of India to stall the swearing-in ceremony of B S Yedduryappa, scheduled on 17th May at 9:00 AM. Many vehicles storm into the CJI’s residence at Delhi. News channels beaming – “The battle has shifted to Delhi from Bangalore”. Room No 6 of the Supreme Court was opened for the petition filed by the INC. A 3-member judge panel was set to pass the verdict. At 4:15 AM, I checked the notifications on my phone. The swearing-in ceremony has not been stayed by the Supreme Court of India and B S Yedduryappa would take oath as planned. On the 18th of May, at 10:30 AM, the Supreme Court ordered a floor-test on the 19th of May at 4:00 PM. INC gears up to file another petition against the Pro Tem speaker which was not considered.


You did a revision of the entire process. Why Kamath? We are already bored by the same news. Now let us see a different perspective. A perspective which we know but never discussed about it as it was not interesting. The Supreme Court opened up during the midnight. A petition was heard and the next hearing date was given within the next 36 hours. Another petition was filed which was heard within 12 hours of the filing. The Indian National Congress, despite not being in power in most states and at the Centre for long, stormed into the CJI’s house. If a person is not in power, he is technically a normal Indian citizen. Now just imagine, a man who has been fighting an allegation since ages. His character has been dissected in every possible manner. He has lost his honour and job because of baseless allegations. The courts are busy to hear his plea. If he decides to go to the CJI to hear his plea at the stroke of midnight, do you think the security guards would have even allowed him inside? I tried meeting the corporator of my ward in Bengaluru, was shooed away for reasons best known to you.


The courts opened, the petition was heard, and the verdict was passed. All within 12 hours of filing the same. Are the courts different for us and the politicians? Our pleas would never be heard, but an MLA can instruct an on-duty election officer to keep us waiting in the voting line so that he jumps the queue and casts his vote. We have been waiting for justice, but the fast-track provision is not available for normal citizens. Now let’s take another instance. Indian courts have a habit of pushing the dates for hearing. If the petition regarding the oath of B S Yedduryappa could be pronounced within 3 hours, why such a provision doesn’t exist for others?


Now the worst part — On 20th May 2018, the first man was put on the no-flying list because he diverted the flight stating a bomb hoax message in the business class lavatory. Atleast we moved on to do so. But this provision never existed for politicians. They can hit, bang, come late and do whatever on earth, but they are never put on the no-flying list. Now you might think how this is relevant. The President of the Indian National Congress recently compared the Indian democratic system with Pakistan in his rally. The same Indian National Congress went on to pass a motion to impeach the Chief Justice of India. Despite all this, their petition was heard. Verdict was passed. No issues on questioning the judiciary. If a common man has passed such a statement, I wonder what would have happened to him (later political parties would take him to their side, that’s another story). Some people can question India, make tall claims against it but get away. But common average citizens like you and me, who are patriotic to our nation, who woke up early on every Election Day, stood in the queue to vote the representatives have to wait for their plea to be heard.


If courts can be opened in the midnight, verdicts can be passed so quickly, this has to be the same for all. People said that the single largest party is sitting in the opposition and the second largest party is supporting the third largest party to become the Chief Minister in Karnataka. Not a big thing in India. The biggest irony is that we failed to understand that the courts don’t listen to us at midnight, but they have the advantage. We voted for them right.


If you want to create a change, share this post. Let it reach the people who it must. Comment your views and let’s voice a change. The political party which answers this question of mine, my next vote is for them.



A Common Man


If we are meeting for the first time, I am Shashank Kamath. A passionate Engineer, am set to pursue my management studies in a 40-year legacy top B-School in India. I write about, almost everything. Follow me to get blog updates and subscribe to avail free-ebooks designed specifically for you.



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