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Hi. This post is very close to me, I have tried to be more personal rather professional in my other posts in the blog. I decided to write this post on how I changed myself to enjoy life to the fullest. This post will deal about what I did to break away from my monotonous life to a highly exciting and a wonderful life.


The river and the sea join together at a point


The best place to see and feel what life is

River joins the sea at UDUPI


The above image is the junction at which the river and the sea meet at UDUPI. What does this signify to what I am about to speak? Just imagine, your life is very monotonous like the lake which doesn’t have any motion neither disturbance. This kind of a life is very boring and we tend to break down.


The standstill river meets the ocean

The standstill river meets the ocean


But when the river joins the sea, there are new ventures for the river (if assumed to be a living human being). Let’s take my story. I am studying mechanical engineering in one of the preeminent universities in India. I confined myself to study only. But in the 3rd semester, life became dull and boring such that even engineering became boring something like the image shown below. Despite the beauty of the scenery, it is very dull and becomes an eyesore slowly.


A very beautiful but a still scenery.

A very beautiful but a still scenery.


People close to me advised me to rivet on my workplace to succeed by suggesting various well tried and proven methods. If you clearly see the image below, you will see I chose to travel the path which others haven’t taken.


Live life to the fullest

Think differently in life. You will enjoy life when you do what you love


I started slowly with exercising and meditating daily to gain initial concentration. Then I saw the shoutmeloud blog which inspired me, almost found the other path which many haven’t chosen. As blog requires a lot of dedication and it builds concentration and observation, I started working on my blog, with every single detail being the logo or even the pop-up. You won’t believe the pop-up which you would see for e-book subscription was created over 10 days of immense research and creativity.


But still, something was missing, which was filled up when I joined an NGO which works in various fields for human development.


The result was well worth all my efforts


These efforts paid off very quickly, wholly unexpected. I have started enjoying life to the fullest. Completely stopped worrying about small things, avoiding fights and arguments and a free mind has made me more efficient in my work + enjoying my sleep.



How does a Runfie look. See this image


Then if you experience any problem in life, to break your monotonous life start meditating daily, the cool and silent mind will allow you to look for new ventures (not what people suggest). Just hunt for it, go for it and live your life to the widest. Trust me, if you find some new ventures, your performance at your bread-winning workplace (i.e. Studies, work, and businesses) will improve by 25% within a very short span of time. The positivity in my lifespan has also opened new doorways for me. I have commenced working on video-blogging and some e-books to be launched on this platform.


Enjoy life to the fullest


Udupi Krishna Temple

A selfie in front of the temple tank at Udupi Sri Krishna Temple, Karnataka India



Shashank Kamath

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