Guest Lecture by Dr. Tarun Das at Ramaiah University

Who says the world can’t surprise you? A gift Ramaiah University gave to the Final Year students in advance by inviting an Industrial Leader and a Great Achiever through the Prestigious Guest Lecture Series. A noble man born in the steel town of West Bengal, has spent over 40+ years in Confederation of Indian Industry, this man has an honorary doctorate from the Tel Aviv University for promoting the Indian economy in the global arena. Wasting no more time and ending the introduction, fame of the Crossing Frontiers book, we were honoured to have Dr. Tarun Das as the guest speaker on the 27th April 2018.


He was a very vivid speech on the topic “India: How the nextGen can lead differently”. Goodness of a man is seen in the way he expresses his gratitude towards others is what I believe. Dr. Tarun Das was inspired by the University Model, where he saw projects in fields ranging from Agriculture to Robotics. He was happy with the “Ramaiah Model” where service is given the highest priority and lauded our beloved Chancellor M. R. Jayaram for the same.


Enough Kamath! Get to the point. That is what you might be thinking. But I believe everything has its own pace. The Padma Bhushan awardee made a very valid point “You will know a person very well only if you know his roots”. He first discussed on his background and upbringing. He went on to mention that he was born in the town of Asansol in West Bengal and about his college studies during which his father borrowed money to educate his only son. His upbringing and background has had a great impact on his approach to life, which he has dedicated towards working in the area of leprosy, strengthening economic and social growth while focusing on institutional building.


An acceptance makes a difference. He stated “My Generation has largely failed India”. He believes that if India follows the same path, then we would see the doomsday soon. He was right as India actually failed in the sector of Healthcare and Education. This can be changed if the Youth have dreams and stated a popular quote


Tarun Das

Future belongs to those who believe in their dreams


What is wrong with today’s youth? It is lack of Discipline, the ability to Respect people, inconsistent work ethics and the ability to stand by your values and ideals. Despite this being imbibed in our tradition, we have completely forgotten this. He kept his vision forward. He wished to see a Stronger India which is spiritual and humane to the world.



“Are men ready to introspect and change”.  A very valid question to improve the safety and security for women and a serious step towards equality. Well, I do believe in introspecting my behaviour (and vouch for it), I wish all people must educate men to broaden their viewpoint because any government laws and ordinances can change them.


Rural Life


A beautiful serene environment — But the 700 million people living in this abode don’t have access to proper housing, water, healthcare, food, roads, etc. This is pushing people to migrate to cities to find employment (which don’t exist). These people go on to live in slums; unemployment pushes them into Violence/Crime, which ends their family life – an essential fabric of any Indian family. He believes in the Gandhi’s principle to make villages more sustainable in nature.


What can be done? He gave an example of an NGO, where they worked to uplift the lives of 6600 people, in which the NGO helped them become entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship requires two things – Money and Mentorship. The NGO did provide the necessary documents for a Bank Loan and a mentor was allotted to each entrepreneur. It has created over quarter million jobs over 25 years. He also questioned the ability of Large Industries to produce so many jobs in 10 years, which are moving towards automation.


He gave an example of a BPO in the hills in India, where women and girls were processing invoices for an American Company. The women were trained with basic computer and English comprehending skills, thereby earning ₹ 20,000 per month for their household. This model has to be replicated and motivated us to do something radical to change the world. I would like to state that “People who don’t believe that they cannot change the way the world works, are under-achievers.”


“Force Trust by Action not words”


It is very easy to speak out wise words and put inspirational statuses on Whatsapp, but very difficult to follow them. I completely agree with it. This man actually proved it by his work. At the Centenary event of the CII, the institution decided to focus on areas of Energy, Quality, Sustainable Development, and Logistics for the greater good – Professional Development of people. He has proved his point that institutions are important and have a great role to play by regularly contributing back to the society.


A Request


He ended his talk by requesting the students to come out and vote on the Election Day (May 12th as he substantiated his argument that nation-building starts by we students actually weighing the right people who would rule this beautiful nation.


Concluding his speech, he stated that the Youth have to be a role model so that they don’t fail the next generation. They must work with Passion and Heart.


A beautiful quote stated by Dr. Tarun Das

Tarun Das

When God measures a man he puts the measuring tape around the heart and not the head of the man

My Take


A speech which gave a basic footing on what could be done differently for a better India than we are currently living in. A balanced speech with good rhetoric and wit came up with ideas which his generation failed to implement and made us feel that following Gandhian ideologies is not unfashionable. I was pretty delighted by the speech.





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